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You Can Test The Responsiveness of Your Online Store.


Yes, it’s true.  You can test out how your store looks on mobile devices.

We’ve put up a free responsiveness testing tool recently, and I thought it warranted it’s own post.   How it works is, You type in the URL of your web-store, hit enter, and below it will display what your website looks like in various mobile screen resolutions.  You can see it in “small phone”,   “iPhone”,  “small tablet”, “iPad Portrait”, and “iPad Landscape”.

What Does Having a Responsive Web-Store Mean?

Responsive sites, simply RESPOND to visitors based on their device.  When your store is hard to navigate, slow loading, or not even visible to mobile/tablet devices, your customers will leave and shop somewhere else.  It’s important to consider how your visitors see your brand on every device, not just the desktop.  When was the last time you visited your own store from a mobile device or tablet?

test-page-pointing-handTest Your Web-Store Here!



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