What is Responsive Design?

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What Does Having a Responsive Web-Store Mean?

Responsive sites, simply RESPOND to visitors based on their device.  When your store is hard to navigate, slow loading, or not even visible to mobile/tablet devices, your customers will leave and shop somewhere else.  It’s important to consider how your visitors see your brand on every device, not just the desktop.  When was the last time you visited your own store from a mobile device or tablet?  You could also use our Responsive Design Testing Tool to check it out.  Is it time to get responsive?

The facts:

  • 63% increase in U.S. mobile commerce sales in 2013
  • 72% of 89 million smartphone users say their devices are within an arm’s reach for at least 23 hours/day
  • Google’s updated search algorithm implemented in June 2013, responsive sites now see higher search rankings
  • By 2017 mobile-commerce sales are expected to easily exceed $100 billion

How NoCoast Pro Can Help:

  • Testing your visibility on iPhone/iPad/Android and other Popular Devices.
  • Eliminating/Replacing Flash and other technologies that are not widely supported.
  • Tablet and Mobile Optimizations to Industry Best Practice.
  • Platform Migrations and “Re-Design” for Responsiveness.
  • More…

Take your web-store to the next level with a responsive design and give your visitors the experience they deserve in as little as *30 days.  We offer full support and we can help you navigate any eCommerce solution.  All of our work is 100% guaranteed.  Every project, Every time.

Contact Us Today to Learn How to Offer Your Visitors a Responsive Experience.

 *Terms and conditions apply,  All services are subject to the specifics of a project agreement and NoCoast’s acceptable use policy.  Project timelines are set by both parties after a project’s scope and requirements are documented.  We do really fast work, but projects can get extended as the scope or information changes.  Typically, creating a “Responsive Design” for an existing web-store is a 30-90 day project.

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