We Specialize in Migrating Web-Stores that are Based on OS-Commerce Software.


Add Functionality – The #1 reason our clients seek to migrate is because they have found that their online store requires a specific functionality that isn’t supported by their current platform. If your online store is in need of a specific functionality, we’ll custom make it for you.

Add Security –  Let’s face it, OSC isn’t the most secure platform out there.  With less people supporting the development community and more instances of compromised sites, it’s only a matter of time before your web-store becomes a statistic.

Responsive Design –  New platform = New design.  Sure your web-store is in need of a face lift.  If you built in OSC, you’re probably a few years out on that.  Also, OSC sites are rarely built in a responsive manner.  Click here to learn more about why it’s important to have a responsive and mobile friendly web-store.

Save Money – Other platforms such as “Shopify” charge shop owners a percentage on every transaction that takes place on their site.  Our solutions don’t charge transactions fees, and you keep control of your data.

Increase Sales – Migrating will help increase your sales!  Don’t believe that?  Then I  challenge you to a phone call: 1-800-553-0856 ext 101  (ask for “William”) and I’ll personally convince you how making these change will effect your bottom line.

Save Time – Let us show you the specific ways migrating/upgrading away from the OSCommerce platform will help you and your business save time.   Contact us to start the conversation.


Magneto isn’t the answer for every client, but it’s been the answer for 99% of them.  And then when we choose an alternative platform, we often regret not choosing Magento.

Magento has quickly become the most popular eCommerce platform available today! Many top online retailers including: Nike, OfficeMax, Vizio and Olympus have trusted their eCommerce sites to Magento, with many more online retailers expected to follow.  We have the ability to work in other platforms, but we specialize in Magento.  We love Magento so much, we’ve even built our own proprietary version that runs faster, is more secure, and has more options than standard community versions.  Contact us to learn more.

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