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New, Simple, Flat Rate Hosting


Our company’s background has always been about online marketing. Working with our clients we saw how much the underlying technology impacted marketing efforts. When we made the connection, we instantly adopted hosting into our core skillets.

Now we offer our new, simple, flat rate hosting starting at only $24/month. Instead of nickle and dollaring customers with a fee for everything, we though it made far more sense to provide the same services at a more transparent price. Businesses who have struggled with budget hosting can now switch to NoCoast Pro, because we’ve made it easy to by offering 100% free migrations.

From the time you sign up, we take care of everything full service. 1.8 hours is our average migration time for new customers, and 99% of the migrations happen without even a phone call. To switch hosting providers only takes you about 2 minutes. That’s the time it takes to move your website from your current hosting provider, to our professional, business focused, hosting. We have you covered if you need database snyc’s, SSL’s, version upgrades, whatever it is we can do it for you. We offer full service hosting for businesses.

30 Day Promise: If you don’t love NoCoast within the first 30 days, we’ll move you back, or to another provider, free of charge. It’s all about making it easy for our clients.

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