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Import osCommerce into Magento


If you’re a super technical, alpha-geek developer who’s looking for the best ways to move data from OSC to Magento, here’s a great post on StackOverFlow.   BUT, if you’re not, please keep reading.

We wrote this article for web-store owners, executives, or managers who are considering switching eCommerce software platforms. If you’re wondering why you’d want to migrate from osCommerce to Magento in the first place, we’ve recently published a service page that describes the benefits of moving to Magento.

As a web-store owner/executive/manager, you have several suitable methods to move data from osCommerce to Magento.  All of them have their respective pros and cons and the final choice is up to you.  Here are 3 basic options, and some thoughts in respect to each:

  1. Move the data yourself manually.  This is simple if you only have few products with no custom logic.  However, if you have more than a few products and you also want to move your customer data, things can get very time consuming and expensive.  Even though this is the least likely way platform migrations happen, I wanted to mention it because it seems to paralyze web-store owners hand-cuffing them to their first choice in software.  (“It’s all I know”)  Also, if you have an in-house developer they could probably write a script or might be able to utilize an extension of some kind.  This is still going to go slower because of the learning curve of the migration itself, but also the new platform all together.  If your current developer is the one that put you on osCommerce to begin with, it’s likely that their experts on that platform exclusively.
  2. Use an automated shopping cart migration service or plugin.  There are plugins that look like they’ll do the job (example), but you might as well be a developer yourself to try to pull it off.  Also, there are several companies that will do this service for you as a one-off project.  Sometimes this is the quickest and easiest way to go about it, but what if you’ve had customization made to your base site?  What about the other functionality of the site (example: affiliate programs, warranty registration, ratings and reviews, etc)?  This type of company is a good fit if you’re just looking to move basic data, but probably not prepared to help you through a full-blown migration.
  3. Hire a development team that specializes in the platform you’re moving to.   Working with a company that’s just migrated several existing stores from the same platform you’re on, to the one you’re going to, would obviously be the best fit.  You could also do well with an agency that has strong knowledge of Magento, you can can maximize the return on your decision.  Also, working with a company that’s going to cover all of the bases on the migration, beyond just the technology.

Migrating software platforms is an exciting time for a web-store owner.  It’s a chance to give your online presence an up-to-date look and feel, a responsive – mobile friendly design, better conversion practices, improved features, security, and integration.  Most importantly, it’s a chance to increase revenue and minimize expenses for your company.  Who doesn’t want to do that? If you’re considering making the switch from osCommerce to Magento, call us to continue the conversation.

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