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Change Your Hosting With Zero Down Time


In today’s world, there are many available options to host your business or e-commerce website. With competitive offers, premium service, and new features there are more reasons to check into available upgrades. Many people bite on low prices at first, but then find their hosting company is charging them much more than anticipated. There are business owners who own websites that ‘outgrow’ the capacity and knowledge of their hosting company. It’s often the case that smaller hosting companies will ignore and abandon less profitable clients. Whatever the reason is that you’ve decided to switch, it’s best to avoid jumping out of the fire and into the furnace.

Take this advice below when migrating your hosting and you’ll be less likely to experience any downtime. Another option is to switch to a full-service hosting provider, who will complete a fast migration and take care of all of these steps on your behalf. Always be sure to keep ownership of your domain. Usually, it’s best to keep your domains in a separate account from your hosting.

Preparation is the Answer

It’s often said that failing to plan, is planning to fail. The same applies when it comes to any technical project like migrating servers. When you switch hosts, you’re completing a server migration. You might have a shared account, but either way, you’re moving your files from one machine to the other. It’s always possible to setup an instance of your new website on the new hosting environment way before you decide to switch the traffic over to the new server.

If you set everything up in advance and keep a checklist to help you remember all of the tasks, you’re much more likely to move servers with little to zero downtime. Your checklist might include things like:

  • Backup all files and databases first
  • Setup a development build on subdomain on the new server
    • Verify code and os compatibilities
  • Set DNS to Minimum TTL
  • Enable SSH on both servers
  • Make current copies for the migration
  • Change DNS
  • Review and verify the migration is successful
    • Check for missing pieces of the site
    • Verify IP resides on correct server when pinged
    • QA on website
  • Cancel your old hosting

Your checklist might be much more complicated if you’re moving online applications, complete servers, or combinations of both. Sometimes you’ll need to sync your databases; there are things to consider like permission structure and the difference in requirements between one server and another.

If all of this sounds foreign to you, you might be better off calling us to help. NoCoast Pro takes steps to make sure that there’s no downtime when switching or upgrading your hosting provider. We typically complete our new account migration in less than 2 hours, most of the time websites never leave the internet. We know that most websites generate revenue and maintain the public face of our client’s companies. That’s why it’s always important to consider these steps when migrating your hosting services.



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