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Change Your Hosting With Zero Down Time

In today’s world, there are many available options to host your business or e-commerce website. With competitive offers, premium service, and new features there are more reasons to check into available upgrades. Many people bite on low prices at first, but then find their hosting company is charging them much more than anticipated. There are […]

You Can Test The Responsiveness of Your Online Store.

Yes, it’s true.  You can test out how your store looks on mobile devices. We’ve put up a free responsiveness testing tool recently, and I thought it warranted it’s own post.   How it works is, You type in the URL of your web-store, hit enter, and below it will display what your website looks […]

Add Facebook Like on a product page in Magento

Today’s Quick and Easy Magento Tip, is Adding a FaceBook Like button to any product page in Magento.  This is a basic form of social integration that would allow prospective buyers, and other visitors, to share the product page with their followers on Facebook.  Added sharing can equal increased expsoure and a huge return on […]

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