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eCommerce Conversion Checklist

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This checklist is a tool to expose opportunities for better conversion on any eCommerce property.  If you periodically  focus on each of these points, you’ll be maximizing your conversion potential, and any of these have the power to instantly improve conversion metrics. The list is broken down into sections related to various locations and functionality of […]

Import osCommerce into Magento

If you’re a super technical, alpha-geek developer who’s looking for the best ways to move data from OSC to Magento, here’s a great post on StackOverFlow.   BUT, if you’re not, please keep reading. We wrote this article for web-store owners, executives, or managers who are considering switching eCommerce software platforms. If you’re wondering why […]

Website Performance & Getting Your Customers to Buy

According a recently released report from ““, More than ever, your Website’s performance matters.  The report shares that average online shopper expects your pages to load in two seconds or less, down from four seconds in 2006; after three seconds, up to 40% will abandon your site. If you’re site is running a little slow, you could be […]

What is Responsive Design?

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Responsive sites, simply RESPOND to visitors based on their device.  When your store is hard to navigate, slow loading, or not even visible to mobile/tablet devices, your customers will leave and shop somewhere else.  It’s important to consider how your visitors see your brand on every device, not just the desktop.  When was the last time you […]

Magento Models

Magento has simple models, which related directly to a database table. To handle complex or user defined information, Magento uses a data architecture called EAV, entity, attribute and value Simple Models Magento has 3 tiers to it’s data layer abstraction. This architecture lends itself well to adding more database interoperability and ease of refactoring in […]

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